Inspiring Hope Productions

inspiring hopeThank you for taking the time to check out our bold and ambitious project.  It was once said that the richest soil in the whole world can be found in our graveyards, because that is where great ideas and dreams have gone to die.

Let’s fulfill some dreams together and make a real difference in this world.

trump-obamaLike many Americans, I am frustrated by the failures of all of the Inside the Beltway politicians and insiders who do nothing but further divide our nation. It is time for an idea that will truly make a difference.  It is time to think outside the box and actually bring hope and unity to our country.  Our nation needs the Team of Dreams now more than ever.

team of dreams logoThis is about more than basketball. Yes, achieving basketball glory would continue to cement USA as the preeminent basketball power in the world. This, however, is about bringing unity to our nation at a time when we are so divided.  This is about inspiring others to continue to reach for your dreams and your goals – no matter your life circumstances or setbacks.  This is about a model that will put basketball at the forefront of healing our fractured nation.

Join us and help us promote Team of Dreams so that one day soon this team could come to represent America in Olympic competition.

Like it.  Share it.  Be a part of it!

Thank you.

Victor Rogers 

Owner/Executive Producer

Inspiring Hope Productions in partnership with STRIVE3