*Team of Dreams is our proposal to someday replace the current model of NBA All-Stars for the U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball Team
with a multi-city open tryouts tour. Our project will be filmed as a reality TV Show as we watch them fight for a second chance
to represent a newly branded Team USA.
We are anxious to test this model and begin to show America these hoops hopefuls dreaming again!


Inspiring Hope & Giving Second Chances

This is more about our country coming together than individual basketball glory or someday winning a gold medal.

All of us can look back on our lives at poor decisions or mistakes we made that derailed our dreams. We’ve all heard stories of people who could have been and should have been great but something knocked them off the path. In basketball, there are playground legends, guys who were head and shoulders above everyone else but never made it to college or the pros. Maybe they made one too many poor choices or experienced a physical injury. Perhaps they couldn’t keep up in school or their family endured a hardship and needed them.

The Team of Dreams is about finding those guys before it’s too late and giving them the chance we all wish we could have had. After being chosen from among thousands of aspiring athletes, 15 young men will be trained by the best coaches, mentored by former NBA greats, and guided by other inspirational figures to come together as a united a new, unique Team USA and fulfill their dreams of basketball glory.  It is our hope that this new grassroots model will be a proven test that can then be adopted to replace the current model of USA Basketball and represent America in the Olympic Games, perhaps for 2020. 

We will feature the journey of these second chance hopefuls through our reality TV show, Team of Dreams, for the country to witness and be inspired.

Why The Proposal?

Our goal is to inspire other Americans to look for their own ideas and solutions and to give real hope to those feeling left behind.

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Never Give Up

Americans are known for certain qualities. We believe that all people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These are all essential components of the American spirit. But there is one other that, above all the rest, defines us as a people: We Never Give Up.

Inspire Others to Dream

The Team of Dreams Reality TV show will chronicle the journey of these virtual unknowns. We will root for them. We will stand with them. They will unite our nation and inspire others to dream again. This team will be America’s Team unlike any other before it.

We Overcome

No matter the circumstances or the odds that we face, we fight and persevere and, most significantly, we overcome. It is who we are. It is what we know. We are a nation of second chances.

Share It

Join us and help us promote the Team of Dreams for as a new brand of basketball team – ready to unite us behind these second chance hopefuls. We cannot do this without you, America!

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